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About the Firm

Ryan and David graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law together in 1999. For the next 16 years, both worked at large defense firms and became successful partners at each of those firms.

Moving forward to create their own firm and apply their skills in a smaller, more focused, client-centric atmosphere became the next step. Earhart Overstreet opened its doors in January 2016. With big firm experience and small firm attention to client needs, the firm is able to offer a very high level of service to its clients throughout the state.

Professional Liability

Representation of professionals including
attorneys, accountants, real estate professionals,
and others in complex malpractice cases.

Business Litigation

Representing both Fortune 500
companies and small businesses.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is often a
large component of civil actions.

Construction Litigation

Experienced in helping client's steer clear
of the problem scenarios as well as real
guidance when conflicts emerge.

General Litigation

Experienced in all types of litigation including accidents,
defective products, real estate disputes, wills and estates, homeowner's associations and many others.

Employment Litigation

Earhart Overstreet handles all aspects of employment disputes, including wrongful termination, discrimination, and related claims.

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